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Calling all lifters!

Whether you’re new to power lifting or preparing for competition, Fullesterkur Barbell Club is the place to build your skills. Our team is focused on creating a motivating and supportive community to help our members push past their limits.

6 month minimum membership payed in full upon joining $900

6 month premium membership payed in full upon joining $1200

What Our Members Get

Powerlifting, Body Building and Community Building



We promote a sense of community with our members so you can learn from one another and keep each member motivated.  Our coaches can match you up with another member to help you stay on track and progressing.


Lifting on Your Time


We understand that our members lead busy lives.  That’s why they can access the gym 24/7.  While our coaches are present during normal business hours, we want our members to keep progressing and that’s why members can access the gym whenever.

If you are looking for a little more help, we have you covered.

Our premium membership comes with app based training programs for several different focuses. This option takes all of the guess work out of you training and gives you access to our coaching at your fingertips


Can't lift with us in person? No problem!



Join our team on a state of the art, app based training platform, and train with us anywhere! Click the link to join!

                                           CLICK HERE!

Schedule a Tour with one of our Coaches!

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